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Is Real Estate A Good Investment?

Here's the thing...in most cases, in order to make money you have to work. Sad but true. With rental properties you will need to deal with tenants. This is not always easy, however, if you handle it right from the beginning you can eliminate a lot of landlord problems. If you've considered income property call me! And open the link to read the article below. Some on the wealthiest people in the country got there with real estate. Read all of Is Real Estate A Good Investment?


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What's On Your Bucket List?

It's funny how long some things have hung around on my bucket list.  Am I the only one?  Just curious, no one wants to be alone while procrastinating.

There are things that are on that list that I'm looking forward to, and then, there's Toastmasters.  For me this is an "overcome the fear" item on my list, therefore, I'm not rushing into anything.

Actually, A group of us started a Toastmasters back in 2005, and I think that year is right.  The club lasted for several years and then fizzled out.  No excuses other than we did not keep recruiting new members and that is part of the successful club process.

I will say that during that time, I found my voice.  And now I'm fairly certain there are those that wish I hadn't.  I'm not there yet though.  I would love to give a speech flawlessly, you know, like you see on TED Talks.  So, I need to make time to get involved with the new club in Cody, Yellowstone Toastmasters.

I've been following their meeting times and agendas and need to ditch the excuses and just show up.  Ideally, anyone reading this post should show up too if you're interested.  The club is open to all.

If you're not familiar with Toastmasters follow this link... Become A Leader .

You'll find all the information for Yellowstone Toastmasters on Facebook.  You can follow them there.  I'm pretty sure you'll be glad you did.

Develop the skills that will give you a voice!  It's empowering.