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Current Market Conditions

Putting Your Home on the Market

Last year over 5 million homes were sold, according to the National Association of Realtors. If you plan to join these numbers this year, you're in luck; it's a seller’s market. The demand for homes is far outpacing the supply of them. Unfortunately, mortgage rates keep going higher and higher, forcing many people out and into the rental market because they simply can't afford the mortgage they need to buy a home, but you're still in a good place. If your home is in good shape and in a good area, buyers will come. All you need is curb appeal, a good realtor and to follow these tips for successfully selling your home.

Curb Appeal

To attract the right kind of buyer to your home curb appeal is key. It’s the first impression buyers will get so make it count. Start with a fresh paint job on your home and fix any broken siding or shutters. Keep shrubs trimmed, and lawn mowed, and remove lawn ornaments, trash cans, and any clutter. If necessary, invest in new landscaping and paving of walkways and your driveway, as well as any fencing you may have if it's not in good shape. The investment will pay off in the price it sells for.

Inside your home, remove any and all clutter. Walls and shelves should have the bare minimum on them. Replace floors and carpeting if necessary, and touch up painted walls and other surfaces. Wash windows and make sure your bedding and furniture look as picture perfect as possible. Your home doesn’t have to look like a magazine layout, but it should be neat, clean and in good condition in the photos you take for your listing. Removing clutter and things from walls and shelves will allow potential buyers to visualize how their things will look there.

Make sure your photos are as clear, crisp and professional looking as possible with good lighting and angles. Make sure you get one photo of every room as well as the front and backyards. Your backyard should be well kept with no toys or debris around, and patios and decks empty or with clean, attractive furniture and plants.

Open Houses

When hosting an open house, make sure your home is spotless. Simmer a pot of water with apples, cinnamon, and cloves on your stove or bake cookies to make the air smell irresistibly good. Avoid chemical air fresheners in case any attendees have sensitivities. Be prepared to answer any questions and be enthusiastic about your home and how much you love it.

Selling your home can be stressful, but our tips can make it less so. The more effort you put into making your home attractive to buyers, the more success you'll have and the better asking price you'll receive. The hard work and investment will pay off.