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Thinking Green...

Eco-Friendly Ways to Heat Your Cody Home While Boosting Its value

Whether you live in Cody or any other part of the USA, heating costs can become exorbitant during a typical Wyoming winter. Apart from leaving you feeling the financial pinch, many conventional heating methods are not good for the environment either. According to the EPA, as much as 42% of the energy consumed in a home is for heating purposes which is why home buyers are willing to pay more for an energy-efficient home that will save them on their utility bills in the long run.  This tendency amongst home buyers is necessitating homeowners to consider making a number of eco-friendly upgrades to their homes before selling them. There are a number of green heating options available, such as the following, that will increase the value of a home significantly while providing environmentally-friendly, cost-effective heat.

Solar air heating

Solar heating is by far the most eco-friendly way to heat up your home while adding substantial value to your home, often amounting to anywhere between $9,000 and $20,000. After the initial investment of the solar panels, you will incur virtually no additional expenses.  Solar heating generally costs between $30 and $80 per square foot with a solar collector being estimated at around $3,500. After these outlays, you heating is free. Besides keeping your house warm all-year round, solar air heating systems are also of great benefit to the environment by not relying on any fossils use and reducing our carbon footprint considerably. When having your solar heating system installed, make sure you only make use of a reputable installer of which there are, thankfully, many situated in and around Cody.

Geothermal heating

According to reports by Energy Star, a geothermal heating system is the most eco-friendly approach to heating that can be taken and one that appeals to both cost-conscious and eco-conscious home buyers. The system, which is installed underground, literally makes use of the earth’s natural heat to warm up the home. To install a geothermal system might be quite expensive but they are considered an exceptionally good investment and generally pay for themselves within 8 years of installation, reducing your monthly energy bill as well as adding substantial value to your property. Installing a geothermal system will also grant a homeowner a 30% federal tax credit. A quality system, if installed correctly, can produce a minimum of 3 units of heat for every single unit of electricity consumed by the system. Want to know the best thing about making use of geothermal heat? It will work even if the ground in and around Cody is frozen as is often the case in the heart of the Wyoming winter.

Pellet stoves

By investing in a pellet stove, you can heat your home responsibly by making use only of sustainable fuels. The wood pellets used in wood stoves burn completely smoke free, releasing substantially less harmful gases into the air than a conventional wood-burning stove. Unlike such a traditional wood stove, pellet stoves also make use of pellets manufactured from completely renewable sources such as sawdust, corn, and switchgrass. The costs incurred by installing a pellet stove are affordable with an average stove retailing for under $2,500 with the pellets amounting to as little as $600 for an entire winter season -  approximately $50 a month less than other heating methods.

Finding more eco-friendly approaches to our everyday lives is the least we can do to keep ourselves and our environment healthy. By simply switching from a conventional heating method to a sustainable one you can not only reduce your households CO2 production but save yourself quite a lot of money in the long-run as well while adding significant value to your home. Eco-friendly living truly is a win-win situation for all.